About Us

Who we are?

Save Our Loving Earth (SOLE) is an organization initiated by health care professionals who believes that a healthy environment makes people healthy. We are taking action to address environmental determinants of health.

What we do?

We empower youth through a peer-based education model, to make the positive switch in their own lives, and the voice to make a sustainable impact on their peers and community.

Meet the team

Dr Kritika Jain

Dr Kritika Jain (BDS, MPH)

She is a Dentist with a vibrant passion for holistic health. Qualified with Master of Public Health from Sydney, works towards preventive healthcare to support and enhance the body to optimal strength and well-being. While doing a postgrad in public health, she took elective classes in environmental health and sustainability and was just blown away by the fact that “human health depends on a healthy environment”. Based on these insights she started working towards environmental health and become a Global Ambassador for Soil and Soul Organisation, Bengaluru who is involved in providing sustainable ideas and alternatives for communities. This association changed her life and her passion for environmental health began.


Dr Vibhor Dudhraj (BDS, MIDA, MPH, Govt. of NCT of Delhi)

Young Public Health Specialist with a vision of Hello! to Sustainability so that our next generation too enjoy the young vibes of Healthy Environment.


Dr Sumangal Bose

He is a health influencer who is spreading coronavirus awareness throughout rural India in order to promote vaccination and Covid-19 testing. Furthermore, he is a Fact Checker who debunks social media myths. He is a Homesteader with a large number of pets.

He is also volunteer with V-Force (UNV India), The Period Junction,  Paint it red, Ramakrishna Mission and many local NonProfit NGOs.

He says, “Environment awareness is not a fancy term, it is our need, we have to save our earth because we only have one home


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