About Us

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Who we are?

Save Our Loving Earth (SOLE) is an organization initiated by health care professionals who believe that a healthy environment makes people healthy. We are taking action to address environmental determinants of health.

What we do?

We empower youth through a peer-based education model, to make the positive switch in their own lives and the voice to make a sustainable impact on their peers and community.

Our first step

Our first step to save our loving Earth is the transition from chemical-based cleaning products to Bio Enzyme. We took little baby steps incorporating the healthy solution into our lives by following some guidelines which we have explained in our blog “What is Bio Enzyme?”.

I started making and using bio enzymes as an university project. However, seeing its high potential and impact, I along with my team focusing on taking it to the next level by empowering the youth. You can see our work and achievements under the resource section.

Dr Kritika Jain

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